Sunday, 28 November 2010

Very sad news

It is with a very heavy heart that I write this blog entry. Our beautiful Herzensdieb colt, Elfenczar, was put to sleep on Friday evening. Not only was he probably the best foal we have bred, but he was the kindest and most charmign personality and everyone who met him adored him.
These words, written by Kerry Jagger who has our youngstock on her farm in Yorkshire, form a perfect tribute to a very special boy.

Czar arrived on my yard with his brother and sisters at the end of April just days before Sacha and Andy left for Germany. I must say i was a little nervous at the thought of having such a young valuable colt as i really did not know what to expect, within days of him being here we just knew we had a big soft teddybear on our hands and to be honest i loved going to check the baby field just for the kisses czar always had for me, or anyone for that matter. He was always the first to start the antics in the field, always the first to be caught, and always the one who could cheer you up with his cheeky face and need to be loved and fussed. He was an absolute angel and sweetheart to deal with for the farrier and such like, never caused a problem and was rarely coltish, even then in a very gentleman - like manner.

It first became aparent that something wasnt quite right with him when we moved the babies into the winter grazing, he seemed withdrawn and unenthusiastic, we left him the night putting hoping that it was something and nothing. The next day it was obvious it wasnt nothing, that night he saw two emergency vets and after reccomendations to reworm he began to colic badly. He colicked for 5 full days and nights and had to be watched through the night at 3 hrly intervals. There were many occasions when leaning over his door he looked still and lifeless and we feared the worst had happened, but then he would start to groan and roll again and we knew he was still with us fighting with everything he had. We often laughed that we suspected he was being a little bit of a drama queen when he would lay grunting and groaning but then sit up and eat but only as long as you hand fed him. he softened even the toughest of hearts, my father in law is an old fashioned horseman, both he and my husband could reguarly be founded leaning over his door talking to him, he had a lot of visitors.

We were told the statistics of a case as severe as this were not good and that if he made it through while the monday he would have a fighting chance of survival, depending on how much damage he had sustained. Sunday came and went and nothing much changed, we had cut the night checks down to just 1 through the night through pure exhaustion more than anything and also a contentment that he wasnt worsening, however monday arrived, low and behold he was upon his feet, alert and ready for cuddles.

He spent the following weeks being turned out through the day with Delta although he had lost and awful lot of weight, and was still struggling to heal the damage he had sustained thrashing in pain when he was colicking.

Friday evening while we were on route to getting all the horses in, one of the farm lads came to find me to tell me he'd just seen Czar collapse in the paddock. Within seconds, i have no idea where they all came from but practically everyone on my yard with husband or father in tow was with me trying to get him to his feet, the vet was called back out and despite all our efforts and brut strength of 10 adults we couldnt get him to his feet, the little man had had enough and didnt even have the strength to try for us. On Sacha and Andys say so he was PTS surrounded by lots of people who loved and cared for him, id like to think almost as much as Sacha does.

i cannot imagine what torture sacha must be going through as on a selfish level, i am totally heartbroken and feel robbed that such a beautful soul was taken away from us so sudden and unfairly, however till the day i die i honestly do not believe i will meet another animal with such a big heart and will to survive. Czar was a real fighter in every sense of the word and the only thing i can think of to offer some comfort is that maybe life was just not enough for him, he was as someone else stated earlier just " far too special for this earth".

He has left a massive hole in the hearts of all that loved and knew him.

Sleep easy Czar, you will always be loved.

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